Summer 2023

I finally was able to cross something major off my bucket list, DRIVING OUT WEST.

I spent 5 weeks out west, mostly in the PNW area. I had a handful of weddings and a few model shoots and self love portrait sessions. Saw some rivers, mountains, and waterfalls. It was a work trip primarily, but also a (much needed) self discovery trip. This is one thing I'll never forget doing, and will highly encourage everyone I know to make that trip once in their lifetime. It was worth sleeping in the car (minimal sleep when ever possible), being sick a while, battery dying, being out of cell service range... a lot of reflection and growth happened here.


Keoni and I met through Alexander Ma's Wedding Filmmaker Mastery program. He is a videographer and I am primarily a photographer. Last year (2022) I contracted under him to shoot an award ceremony. Since that event, we have worked numerous weddings together all year. His wife is a wedding planner, he is a videographer, and I am a photographer. We really make a great partnership and he has some amazing packages put together to utilize all 3 services under one unbeatable rate!

I highly encourage checking out his page and his packages at Here are some of the weddings we partnered on this summer.