What would you do tomorrow if you woke up and won the Billion dollar lottery?

My partner said to me last week, after buying lottery tickets; “I’m going to win this lottery for you so you can quit working and just sit on a beach all day.”

He was shocked when I said I’d rather open a wedding venue and host elaborate weddings for people.

People don’t seem to understand. When I say I have a passion for this industry, it’s an obsession. I have based more than 90% of my hobbies around things that could involve weddings. I’m watching movies about weddings, watching highlights on YouTube and Vimeo, browsing Pinterest boards, following bridal pages on FB, reading on the history of wedding traditions, editing weddings, shooting weddings, and trying to book more and more weddings. I’m quite literally obsessive compulsive. I put my heart and head into the wedding industry.

One day, hopefully, I will have a venue. A one stop shop for all things weddings.

I had created a company, about 9 years ago, called Black Box Weddings. It was designed for someone to be able to order their entire wedding in one black box. From the dress, flowers, invitations, and decor. Enough for a 50 person wedding, meant for a DIY bride it would contain all the supplies and directions needed to create an intimate wedding in the theme you picked. It didn’t get far outside of business planning lol.

I used to bake cakes and cupcakes just to decorate them with wedding designs. I’d buy silk flowers to arrange bouquets. I have made handfasting cords and “something old something new something borrowed something blue and a sixpence” large pins for inside gowns or attach to bouquets. I have made and sent out free graphic designs for wedding invitations and save the dates. I sew and design wedding gowns for fun. I got ordained to perform wedding ceremonies. I mean literally, everything I put my heart into has something to do with weddings.

I say quite proudly that no one on this earth shares in my obsession for weddings. And I mean it.

To be quite honest, it may be to a point that counseling may be suggested LMFAO. I truly love every part of it.